Welcome to ulu

We keep people safe exploring the ocean and help to protect it.

Ulu OX is a Cornish born company driven by a connecton to the ocean. This is where we go for our mental and physical health and wellbeing. We are curious, always searching for more ways to explore this connection.

Our products are designed to remove limiations so we can explore more freely. As we learn about the ocean this fuels our desire to protect it in any way we can.



  • I have been using the aquatrek dry bag from ulu for a year now for my Paddle boarding business here in South West Portugal and it has been amazing! The quality is great and feels really durable! Being that I work on water itÕs super important for me to have a waterproof bag to carry all my kit including some extra safety kit.

    — David D, Nowhere2farsUP
  • I’m mega glad to have bought an AquaTrek¨36 bag because it’s given me so much fun and adventure in the last year. The extra safety and security it’s provided has enabled me to do solo open water trips at home and abroad that would have been too dangerous without it. 

    — Andy Sanderson
  • This bag is my go-to for anything near the water! As a SUP instructor I use it for my safety and first aid kit, and personally I use it regularly for hiking, sea-dipping, coasteering with my family and touring on my SUP. I love its versatility with the removable back and the fact that it also acts as a floatation device. It's always kept everything perfectly dry and been well worth the investment!

    — Heather Peacock
  • My Ulu AquaTrek 36 is the gift that keeps on giving. It's comfy to wear as a bag, is waterproof, floats and squishes just enough to pass as hand luggage on budget airlines! 

    — Mia
  • So much love my Ulu Dry Aquatrek 36, it is super durable and robust, keeps all my kit dry when I'm swimming (and in the rain here in Eryri). 

    — Kat
  • The AquaTrek was the ideal piece of kit for the harsh environment of Antarctica. Be it a Zodiac cruise in harsh sea conditions or a continental landing it protected our safety kit, extra layers and expensive camera equipment. It was also great hand luggage for multiple flights.

    — Matt Gilbin
  • As coffee, swimming and adventure lovers it's a dream for us to be able to combine all three. With our AquaTrek we really can! But most excitingly, as MASSIVE coffee geeks we have a lot of kit. Being able to pack everything in the bag from hand grinder, to MSR Windburner, to kettle, and beyond, all nice and securely is epic. Total converts!

    — Alex Higham

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