Our why

The ocean is our playground and the place we go to find balance from the world around us. You’ll find us either in, on or by the ocean, its immersed in our daily lives and is our constant source of inspiration. We are always exploring new ways we can interact with the ocean to further our connection and learn more from it.

What we do

We develop products that keep us safe whilst exploring the ocean, removing limitations and allowing us to experience more.

The ocean is at the forefront of everything we do, when we are back on dry land our motivation is to do what we can to help to protect it.

That’s why you’ll see us leading the way in processing ocean bound plastics, turning them into products that can be used to explore the

Ulu Meaning

The word Ulu has many different meanings all over the world, we draw on the meanings which represent us as a brand and our story so far. In Hawaiian Ulu means ‘to inspire’ or ‘to grow’ which reflects the innovation in our products, allowing us to interact with the oceanin new ways. In Indonesia Ulu means ‘the end of land’ which represents our home in Cornwall, the South West tip of the UK and a haven for surfing, sailing, ocean swimming and more. The Malay meaning translates as ‘a remote area with no people’, symbolic with the ocean and why safety is a consideration in our adventures.

This is what being Ulu means to us.